Broth For Fertility

As you all know I'm super passionate about all things fertility.

I absolutely love broth for supporting the body during the fertility journey.

According to Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine it is really important to avoid certain foods at certain times of your cycle. Most importantly raw or cooling food should be avoided from ovulation until menstruation. These foods can destroy our "agni" digestive fire, which in turn can damage our reproductive system.

Broth is a great way to balance out these foods, it can be consumed before every meal & will help with any digestive issies. Broth is loaded with minerals & has an anti-inflammatory effect, helping the whole body become balanced.

Broth has great immunity boosting factors, I like to add Chinese herbs, depending on where I'm at on my cycle. I'll do a further post on this!

Broths can be vegan & vegetarian friendly by using organic vegetables & mushrooms. Cinnamon is a great spice to add to vegetarian meals as it has a warming effect.

Sara Allan