Pregnancy Yoga

What stage of pregnancy can I attend pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy Yoga is safe from 12 weeks right up until you’re due date. If you practice yoga regularly and have a clearance from your GP or obstetrician however, our teachers are happy to guide you through a suitable practice at every stage of your pregnancy including the first trimester.

I have never done yoga before and I’m not flexible. Would it be ok for me to attend?

Yes. Pregnancy Yoga is perfect for beginners. It is a nurturing and restorative style of yoga, aimed to prepare the body for labour & aid pregnancy related aches and pains. Flexibility is not our goal during pregnancy

I am feeling very self-conscious and nervous about leaving the house, but really need to do something. Would this class be ok for me?

Yes.Each woman grows at different rates to nurture and grow her baby. Our teachers are extremely supportive of everybody and we attract an amazing group of women. If some poses are harder due to weight restrictions, our teachers are highly qualified to be able to modify the class to suit everyone’s needs without it being obvious.

I have some pregnancy related issues, is it ok to attend?

Yes. Provided you are able to supply a letter of clearance from your GP or obstetrician. Our teachers are all qualified Prenatal Yoga Instructors, so we know how to care for all women, depending on their individual pregnancy.

Active Birth Workshop

Why should we pay for a pregnancy education class when majority of hospitals have free classes available?

Hospital education is amazing, and we recommend that you also attend their classes. What is different with the Nourished Mum is our holistic approach to support both mother and birthing partner.

In our active Birth Workshop you will learn a wide variety of tools which are not yet in the Hospital System including robozo wrapping, acupressure and use of the pregnancy ball. These methods are all traditional therapies which have been lost in mainstream health care.

The Active Birth Workshop has been recommended by midwives for seven years, as they are also aware that the Hospital classes do not cover what is in this unique workshop. Flinders Midwifery group even have a copy of our workshop materials as they share it with patients which we are extremely humbled about.

My partner really doesn’t want to join. Is this workshop suitable for me to come alone to?

If your partner is adamant that they do not want to come, then it is best for you to bring another birthing support person as this is an interactive class aimed for learning birthing skills. We have had many women bring their sisters, mothers and even fathers.

Your partner will be your best support during labour and the more that they learn, the more they will feel involved and in-control. Please show them our testimonials for this workshop. We find that most partners who don’t want to attend end up having a great time with all the other partners at the workshop.

Fertility Massage and Womb Healing

I have only been try to conceive for a few months, would this therapy help me get pregnant sooner?

Fertility Massage & Womb Healing is a great therapy that can be done in the lead up, or while trying to conceive. The more we prepare the body for pregnancy the better chances we may have of conceiving.

I am not planning to conceive, but I have severe endometriosis. I’ve heard Fertility Massage & Womb Healing can help manage endometriosis & reduce pain, is this true?

Fertility Massage & Womb Healing Therapist do not make any claims regarding this, yet I have worked with large number of women in the same position who have all had reduced symptoms of endometriosis. 90% of these people have also stated that after only one or two treatments their pain was significantly reduced.

I have recently had a miscarriage & heard Fertility Massage & Womb Healing can ease my pain and emotions. When would you suggest I book in for a treatment?

This therapy is a beautiful ritual that can be performed straight after a miscarriage or months after. We assure you that you will be held is a safe space to heal physically and emotionally.

Fertility Yoga

I practice yoga regularly, how is fertility yoga any different?

Certain yoga poses can be effecting your menstrual and reproductive health. If certain yoga is done at the time of ovulation or menstruation you could be exasperating endometriosis, blocking fallopian tubes or confusing your flow of nataural qi. Fertility Yoga, focuses on the individual and adapts poses to suit each stage of the cycle.

Why don’t you run weekly group Fertility Yoga classes?

It’s is extremely important to focus on the individual woman, while she is on a fertility journey. What may be good for one may be harmful to another. For this reason one on one fertility Yoga is all that we offer at The Nourished Mum.

If you are after a group session, I do hold a Heal The Womb Workshop Every 12 weeks where we go into yoga at each stage in depth.

How can Fertility Yoga help me conceive?

Yoga for fertility works on connecting to your feminine energy & balancing hormones.

Fertility Yoga can help thicken the uterine lining which is extremely important for conception and carrying on a viable pregnancy and there are specific poses that aid in digestion, circulation, sacral & coccyx issues.

Yoga for fertility is an amazing tool to help with the mind body connection associated with fertility.

Why is there a focus on digestive health, sacral & coccyx with fertility Yoga?

Our abdominal cavity is serviced by the same neural pathways, connecting the organs, muscles and connective tissue of the reproductive and digestive systems; along with the lower back muscles. If one organ or muscle is misaligned, blocked or damaged by scar tissue – all the others will be disrupted and can in turn, send the whole body into disarray.

It is important to note that 80% of our immune system lives within our digestive tract so immunity, digestion and fertility are closely linked. Therefore, it is important to massage and treat the whole torso area, aiming to achieve Homeostasis.

Postnatal Massage & Closing of the bones

This sounds really hippy. Why is it called closing of the bones & why is it a ritual?

It is called closing of the bones & ritual because it is an ancient Mayan tradition used to heal and nourish mothers after birth.

We have a unique mix of science and traditional medicine at The Nourished Mum and we use this therapy for holistic healing. Wrapping of the abdominals, hips & sacral area are extremely effective in post-natal healing and are now also being used in mainstream health systems.

Abdominal massage after birth is a great way to bring blood flow and heal internal and external scarring. It’s also a lovely way to re-connect to your womb space after birth.

I am really not into the sounds of this treatment, do you do a remedial or relaxation massage for postnatal mothers?

Yes. We cater for all mothers so alternative treatments to the postnatal and closing of the bones treatment can be found under the relaxation massage heading.

My husband booked me in for a relaxation massage, but your closing of the bones sounds like exactly what I need. Can I change it?

Yes. However, not all of our therapists are trained in all of the healing practices that we offer so please contact us to arrange this prior to your appointment.

The golden month

 What are the personalised herbs for?

The personalised herbs are different teas/tinctures depending on what you need so if for example you lost a lot of blood during birth I’d add extra blood tonic herbs to your tea / broth to replenish yin and blood. It’s very basic and just edible / drinkable herbal teas.

Do you send the meals daily/weekly?

Food is brought weekly, delivered when the practitioner gives you your treatment (5 meals plus snacks plus tea/herbs/tinctures)

How many home visits a week does the golden month include?

There is one visit per week

- Carla week 1 & 3

- Nadia week 2 & 4

What is the womb healing balm made of? Do we apply it daily along with the belly

binding cloth or is it used with the massage? womb balm is coconut oil and cacao butter infused with rose geranium & sheoak, to be applied daily from 2nd week (Nadia will demonstrate) applies to the belly or even low back

Is it safe to have postpartum massage 2 weeks after a c-section?

Postpartum massage is safe after c-section, and a free follow up visit will occur at 6 weeks post cesarean to preform womb massage as this can only be done from 6 weeks post cesarean. But certainly week 2 & 4 with Nadia can be done safely

Do you have a payment plan and a booking cut off date?

50% of Payment is required upon booking (due to high demand we are only taking on a certain amount of clients each month) remainder of payment can be made in instalments. Full payment must be received before week 1 of treatments (when practitioner arrives at house). Booking as soon as you’re organised is recommended so as to avoid disappointment of booked out.

Is the pelvic care consultation and treatment eligible for health fund rebates under physiotherapy?

HPC is not covered under private health as of April 1, with the new systems in place BUT acupuncture is so you can claim half the package through this.