"Nadia definitely gets the results, I am now pregnant thanks to her and couldn't be happier," Ruth.

"Since attending Nadia's I have felt more at peace each week, more connected to my baby and feel great. Its also nice to meet other to be mothers. Yoga has made me feel more relaxed and learn't to have negative thoughts disappear for that space of time, which feels amazing. Nadia's active birth workshop gave me full confidence for my second labour, I can definitely say the acupressure helped with my pain and anxiety. Thankyou Nadia," Ayah.

"In looking for an antenatal yoga class, I was amazed at the lack of or unfriendly responses I received from several locations. Stumbling across the Nourished Mum ad changed everything.

Not only was Nadia friendly, but also helpful. The classes are wonderful, tailored for those with a bump, with helpful suggestions and friendly conversation throughout. I've learn't a lot, and always come away relaxed. I look forward to my weekly session and hope to continue post natal, as the benefits are fantastic!," Danica.

"I have practiced yoga for the past 15 years so when I fell pregnant I was very particular about where to go. Nadia has a very nurturing approach & so much knowledge which gives me the confidence to continue my practice during my pregnancy & prepare my body for the labour.
I really look forward to her classes each week & can't wait to experience her postnatal classes. Thanks Nadia," Charlotte.

"Hi Nadia, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful antenatal workshop on Saturday, with a lovely dose of yoga afterwards. The session was really helpful and the yoga always helps to make my week better. So thank you!," Danica.

"Thankyou would not be enough. You helped me in so many ways throughout my pregnancy. You taught me to have faith in my body for labour which took away the fear I was holding inside.
You helped me create a healthy space for my baby to grow. Coming to your classes every week was my escape, and I always walked away feeling so blessed that I found your classes. As you know I was petrified after my first labour but week after week you put me at ease.
This time my labour was amazing. For 6 months you taught be to "breathe" and I am so greatful. For 6 months you re-assured me that I was doing all I could to have a healthy pregnancy and labour. Guess what? I enjoyed my labour.. Me! This has given me so much self esteem, I birthed my baby boy. Not the doctors, ME! I did it! And I thank you, my birthing mother and angel. You are more than a yoga teacher.! You empowered me and gave me back my birthing rites, something I never thought would happen," Rachel.

"I'm so glad that I found Nadia's postnatal classes when my daughter was almost 4-months-old.

I found them very beneficial as they are tailored towards my physical recovery after the birth. Babies are actively welcomed and involved, and I feel totally comfortable taking care of my baby's needs during the class.

It's a cozy place and the instructor makes sure that all our needs are being taken care of.

The other day the instructor kindly held my baby for me when she fussed, giving me an opportunity to stretch and relax," Dr Kwan.

After 4 unsuccessful rounds of IVF a friend of mine who knew Nadia purchased me a block of fertility sessions. I was extremely skeptical yet went along to my first appointment.  I was welcomed by one of the kindest & friendliest women I have met. I instantly felt at ease, and for some reason had trust in Nadia. Week after week I became addicted to her yoga sessions & felt absolutely amazing after her massage. She always catered for my up and down emotions & was a shoulder to cry on during a hard time in my life & marriage. I truly appreciated her happy & healing energy. Nadia ensured me to not give up and I must say after every session I felt empowered and "un-broken". On my 7th appointment I arrived with flowers to say THANKYOU, she knew I had conceived! I don't know if it was the yoga, massage, or my mind slowly being eased, but her treatment worked. I was extremely lucky to spend my pregnancy in her prenatal & postnatal classes. I can't recommend her business enough," Mariana.

"The Nourished Mum has been really helpful during my pregnancy so far, I'm nearly 30 weeks with my first. Each week I look forward to it and find it very relaxing and Nadia makes you feel very welcome.

There have been a couple of times when I haven't wanted to leave the house and do anything but I have gone to yoga and have come out feeling happier and healthier and glad that I went.

Both the women in this class and Nadia have taught me many different things about pregnancy in general and techniques to help me with labour. The 3-step breathing process is not only good during yoga but I have found it is very helpful during stressful times and getting rid of negative thoughts.

I was also referred to a stretch class at Flinders by my doctor and found that it only made my back worse and was nowhere near as beneficial to me as Nadia's classes. I would highly recommend," Rucita.

"After attending a Fertility seminar at Repromed and learning about how yoga can be beneficial during IVF treatments I decided to do some classes with Nadia. I appreciated Nadia's science background & her understanding that medical intervention was needed in my case.
I thoroughly enjoyed each class and felt very relaxed afterwards. What I mostly liked was Nadia always taking the extra mile, sending me emails for breathing & meditation links, qi gong for fertility, recipe tips & weekly mantras. It definitely goes to show she cares for her clients.
I conceived via IVF & can say the yoga helped my anxiety. It was nice to learn all the other benefits yoga can have.
During my pregnancy I attended Nadia's yoga & Active Birth Workshop, which were very informative and we were all very spoilt with her lovely tea's and gifts."

"I think of Nadia like a true Earth mother! Her prenatal yoga classes have a personal feel, where a little chatter is allowed, but at the same time you get a good workout, plus advice on what exercises will be of benefit during labour. Coupled with the healthy tips and recipes on her Facebook page and the studies she’s done, you know Nadia lives and breathes the healthy life her business espouses. So there’s a real genuineness about it! I also like that her classes are often mid-morning and at easy-to-get-to locations, which makes them friendly for the busy woman," Carla.

Active Birth Workshop

“I loved all the tools my husband was able to use in labour to help me and feel connected though the entire birth,” Lisa Singh.

“I really didn’t want to attend, but it was actually great to meet other soon to be dads, we all got some “male” time away from the women while they did yoga & Nadia spoiled us all with a beer,” Simon.

“The difference this made between my first & second birth, is amazing. Connecting to myself & my breath was a valuable tool, my hubby couldn’t believe it was me during labour.. he also says thankyou,” Rachel.

Heal The Womb Workshop

“Nadia, I did all the massage techniques you taught me at your workshop, alongside all the home care tips, we are now 13 weeks pregnant. I conceived naturally only 7 weeks after your Sunshine Coast Workshop, thankyou.”

“I attended Nadia’s Heal The Womb Workshop After 2 failed IVF cycles, and facing terrible egg quality. 4 months after doing everything you taught me I went for an egg collection & the amount of viable eggs that they were able to collect doubled & were all great quality. So great that one survived and we now have our rainbow baby. She is due in September & I cant show my gratitude enough. Words cannot express the joy we have finally been blessed with,” Sonya (Adelaide).

“If only I attending this 10 years ago, I feel my Womb healing from trauma & sexual assault wouldn’t have lead to such a deep depression. Thankyou for providing a safe space for us women to re-connect to our broken wombs & learn to love them again.”

“I learnt so much, what a beautiful practitioner & teacher. I felt so honoured to share a space with such beautiful women, thank you so kindly,” Angela Wilson.