The Nourished Mum’s Active Birth Workshop is an interactive space where couples learn the valuable tools required to assist in a calm, active and natural birth.

Nadia and Nikita combine their skills and passion, using a multidisciplinary approach in preparing a mother & her birthing partner for childbirth. We look at physiology before force. Balance, gravity & movement. Our aim is to balance mother before baby is due to prevent intervention & empower women along their journey to motherhood.

Throughout the workshop you will learn anatomy & physiology of birth. Calming and opening yoga poses to assist the body in labour and breathing and meditation techniques to help the mind in labour. The workshop will also cover spinning baby techniques to ensure your baby is in the optimal fetal position for labour.

Nadia & Nikita have both attended Spinning Babies training and are optimal maternal positioning ambassadors, using a Balance, Gravity & Movement approach. This helps prepare expectant mothers in the following for labour:

  • Make room in the pelvis for baby to enter birth canal

  • Make room in the lower uterine segment by releasing the utero-sacral ligament

  • Soften, lengthen & balance the pelvic floor

  • Relaxes & lengthens muscles supporting the pelvis

  • Create space for breech babies head to turn down, create space for posterior baby to move

  • Relive hip & back pain

The Active Birth Workshop also provides tips for birthing partners, giving them the tools to assist in a calm and relaxing labour environment.

Guest speaker Dr Carla Brion from Tonique, explains how to use massage and acupressure points to aid in pain management.

Birthing partners are educated in what do do at each stage of labour, and how best to support mother.

The Couples Active Birthing Skills workshop is suitable for all birthing partners and is often filled with mothers and sisters who want to learn how to best assist during the labour process.

As a team we aim to equip couples with all the tools to BIRTH WITH CONFIDENCE!


"A really educational day, loads of information from Nadia & her team, but also very relaxed so all the men could enjoy it without being over-loaded. I'm really excited that I can prepare my body to prevent intervention"


We will also demonstrate how to use a birthing ball and go through the robozo hip wrapping technique with each couple taking a free birthing ball, robozo wrap and Active Birth Skills manual home. 

This workshop is suitable at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy, however the earlier the better, so you can start using the tools provided to best prepare the mind and body for labour.

Towards the end of the workshop the birthing partners are free to walk to the Gilbert Street Hotel for a chat while the women finish in a relaxing pregnancy yoga class. One schooner of beer per couple is provided in the cost of the day.

Active Birth Workshops are run every eight weeks and include an Ayurvedic morning tea.

Book today to join the Nourished Mum’s next Active Birth Workshop and join a community of Adelaide men and women looking to create calm, active and natural birthing spaces.


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Nadia Parisi


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The Yoga Centre
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Every Eight Weeks
Saturday, 12-4pm

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If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labor, then someone isn’t treating her right.
— Ina May