Bloom Teenage Workshop

with Nadia Parisi


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Nadia Parisi


$95 per person


The Yoga Centre
51 Gilbert Street, Adelaide
10am - 2pm (bookings essential)


The Nourished Mum’s Bloom Teenage Workshops were developed as a unique way to give teenage girls an opportunity to celebrate and honour the changes that occur in their lives as the experience menarche.

The workshop is specifically aimed at young girls from the age of 13 who are heading into or have reached menarche. The workshop provides a safe and supportive environment where the girls can discuss the changes in their bodies and how they are coping emotionally with this momentous time in their lives.

The Teenage Bloom Workshop specifically looks at promoting positive body acceptance tools, teaches effective and easy ways to track menstrual cycles, provides education on normal cycles, provides a platform for young women to open up on their feelings towards menstruation and encourages them to speak out if something isn’t quite right.

We also provide a special pampering session with Henna and face masks, involve the girls in art expression and meditation and teach the girls beginners stretches and yoga to help with hormones and self-acceptance.

Bloom Teenage workshops are run every twelve weeks and include morning tea. BYO lunch.

Book today to join the Nourished Mum’s next Bloom Teenage Workshop and encourage young women to become the best they can be by celebrating and honouring their bodies and themselves.

Take time to explain to the girls about feminine power and the changes they will go through.
All indigenous people on earth provide their young people with specific rites of passage to signify their change in status from child to young adult.
Studies have shown that girls who feel good about their periods, and puberty, have a much better time growing up.